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Community Partners: International

Asia-United States Partnership (AUSP)

The mission of the Asia-United States Partnership (AUSP) is to expand the vision of integrated services by improving ECD and primary care through convening Early Child Development in Primary Care network.

Deaf WorldTeach

WorldTeach is a non-profit, non-governmental organization founded by a group of Harvard students in 1986 in response to the need for educational assistance in developing countries. It also addressed a growing interest among people in the U.S. and elsewhere to serve, teach and learn as volunteers overseas. Since its inception, WorldTeach has placed thousands of volunteer educators in communities throughout Asia, Latin America, Africa, Eastern Europe and the Pacific.

Department of Economic and Social Affairs (DESA), United Nations

UN DESA is a vital interface between global policies in the economic, social and environmental spheres and national action. Its work is guided by the universal, integrated and transformative 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, along with a set of 17 Sustainable Development Goals and 169 associated targets adopted by the United Nations General Assembly on 25 September 2015.

Global Mobility (USA)

Global Mobility USA is a 501(c)3 nonprofit humanitarian organization committed to serving the needs of persons with disabilities around the world who are in need of a free wheelchair or other mobility assistance.

Inclusion International

Inclusion International is a global federation of family-based organizations advocating for the human rights of people with intellectual disabilities worldwide. For over fifty years Inclusion International has been committed to the promotion of these human rights and our organization now represents over 200 member federations in 115 countries throughout five regions including the Middle East and North Africa, Europe, Africa, the Americas, and Asia Pacific.

Kathmandu University

Kathmandu University is an autonomous, not-for-profit, non-government institution dedicated to maintain high standards of academic excellence. It is committed to develop leaders in professional areas through quality education.

National Taiwan University

NTU's institutional predecessor was Taihoku Imperial University, founded in 1928 by the Japanese colonial administration. The first president was Shidehara Tan Tairaka Hiroshi. In 1945, the Republic of China won the war of resistance against Japan, and Taiwan was handed over to the Nationalist government of China. On November 15 of that year, Taihoku Imperial University was formally transferred to Chinese administration and renamed as National Taiwan University, with Dr. Tsung-lo Lo appointed as the first President.

OHANA Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Ohana is a non-profit organization based in Yogyakarta Province, Indonesia. We have been working on specific issues such as policy advocacy, disability rights and policy studies as well as legal drafter for social policies. Our organization has been initiated on March 2009 and it has been officially registered as a Non Government Organization on July 6, 2012. Ohana founders are the International Fellowship Program Alumnae who have existed on social justice and community development for the marginalized population in Indonesia.